finaly it works -Hello World ! I am back again ! version004 vom 27.09.2020
Please note, thatI am working again on my website and I am still alive!

So all rumors about me passing away in July2014 are wildly exaggerated.
As I suffered a bleeding in the brain in July 2014, Ispent several weeks in a coma. As a potential organ donor,

Just barely kept alive, and my mind beeing in dreamland somewhere, I finaly woke up exchanging a few words in Russian with the nurse, surprising the doctors, as they had promised that if I ever would wake up I would be so disabled that I would end in a nursing home,not being able to walkor to speak.Then after spending endless time in rehab my whole businesand me life hadcollapsed

So had been  shut down.
However I still own the domain which I had secured in the early beginnings of the internet already.

send email to
then you may receive my snail mail adress or phone numbers

This website is not controlled by Mark the Moron.
So Pappa Zuckerberg and his friends from the NSA do not make any dime with it,or will suck out more information about you and your contacts as you might ever want to know.He willcan never ever tell me what to do or not to
do, or how many friends I am allowed to have.
Facebook is a nice toy for smartphone-addicts(If you consider a computer with a microscopic display, no mouse and no keyboard very smart.)
as I am not html-illiterate and have my own servers and hosting(in Germany and not in in Trumpistan, China or North Korea) I can pass on a website -which looks like having been slammed together by a 3-year-old. As it is there, and many people in the world use it every day,   holding a quasi-monopoly. I am of course on

So I will not go to torture you with cookies or with annoying advertising.

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